Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Aftermath

St. Patrick's Day over? Good. Reading Bill Stark's Top 5 Irish Magic Cards brought my mind close once more to the curious circus freak known as Aisling Leprechaun.

When, in the entire history of Magic has it been effective to turn any creature Green? In Legends there was always some sort of bizarre banding ability that looked for different colored legendary creatures. But never would you want your Opponent to have that privilege.

Only in the modern age have we advanced to the point where green has some real enemies.

Remember me?
And then there's Slay and Deathmark.

But traditionally, these spells have relied on creatures already being green. When Aisling Leprechaun attacks, he is most probably going to die. Unless he's running into a wall of some sort. And then whatever creature kills him, it will now be green.

At least he's appropriately costed. Instead of being a curiosity, this Leprechaun would be dirtier than the plague costed at 1G. And in it's era, 2 mana was something Wizards would have totally done. 1 green mana was supposed to give you a 1/1 vanilla. You usually had to pay extra for awesome/pathetic abilities like color changing.

Really, if these Leprechauns are going in a deck, it's a deck that needs to perversely HATE green. A deck that benefits from facing off against green. A deck that makes what it hates.

Something like…infected leprechauns.

Just like the Crazies, these poor pieces of celtic folklore are just caught in the middle.

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