Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Billion Mana

Members of the Wizards Play Network are beginning to receive their promotional materials, and the Eldrazi secrets continue to pour forth. Today, the world is astounded by the next Old One to rise out of the ruins of Zendikar…Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. First seen on MTGSalvation, this high-flying ancient evil has quickly spread on the lips of every Magic follower, lackey and roustabout.

My, you're a big one, ain't ch'a!

I've heard it said that in competitive magic, anything that costs over 4 better win you the game. I've also heard it said a casting cost of 7 is worlds away from 5…and a casting cost of 9 is orders of magnitude more difficult to cast than even 7.

This bad boy goes up to 15.

It seems like only yesterday I was talking about Polymorph. Emrakul would be perfect to turn your bunny rabbit into. What a dream that would be. Better then marshmallows and champagne put together.

I'm trying to figure out how Emrakul, Kozilek and presumably this Ulamog character don't wreck milling decks for all time. How hard would it be to just slip a single copy of Emrakul into your sideboard? I haven't seen the rest of the set, yet, but it just seems like right now mill decks have been royally screwed for all time.

We will have to see.

Right now, it seems simple enough to slip Emrakul into the EDH deck of my choice, and never again worry about running out of cards, no matter how many I draw in a turn using the Notorious N.I.V. I could even tutor for Curiosity using something insane like Tunnel Vision. If my goal happens to be the very last card in my deck, even then, all the cards are going right back into my library as soon as that blue aura is in my hot little hand.

Unless I'm completely misunderstanding the situation. Which does happen occasionally. Maybe I need more legs.

As a creature…he's pretty unstoppable. Unless you use Shriekmaw, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Avatar of Woe or just a plain old Wrath of God. But you only get the one turn. Because after he attacks, whoa boy! And I'm just assuming you cheated him into play somehow. Because if you hard-casted him…and you get to take an extra turn…you probably deserve to win regardless.

The last, yet-unrevealed Eldrazi Master is a creepy guy named Ulamog. All we know so far is, he has an unnatural love for the Octopi. Will he have some sort of sea monster-boosting ability? Or will he just kill everything and win you the game in short order like the other two guys?

The first 2 gave us:

1. Drawing Extra Cards
2. Taking Extra Turns

Uh, I think that means Ulamog is going to cast spells for free. Just sayin.

Oh, yeah. And this guy is a common:

Again, can't wait to see Ulamog.

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