Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Night is Alright…for opening some Packs!

Sometimes it just can't be helped.

I try to limit myself as much as possible when it comes to buying random packs of cards. You never get what you're looking for, and you spend about 100% more money than if you bought the equivalent singles.

But, I have an incredible weakness, and it is the Target "Value" Packs. MULTIPLE random packs from random sets overloads my BS detector every time. And this time it included EIGHT BONUS CARDS.

The fine folks at Excell Marketing (Target's distributor) certainly don't play magic. I'm seeing in my mind's eye a row of gorillas, stuffing fistfuls of cards into plastic clamshells.

Well, I found out what was in there. I took one for the team.

Here I am:

So totally worth it. I feel so vindicated.

So now that you've seen this travesty, hopefully it will inspire you to go out and bust your own Target Extreme Value Packs. Ha!


  1. I've had similar outcomes, although the first two I opened both had a foil 15th anniversary Kamahl, Pit Fighter in them. The other two were all lands.

  2. It's a third-party that creates these. They take the most recent expansion and put it up front, then a packs from an excess that they have, and then the cards in the back are either basic land or from precons that they tore open and put in there randomly.

    They also do the "Special deck with foil" thing where it's a single promo foil and usually just land in the back making it "the deck." Those are never worth it.

    The real key is being able to identify the second pack in the first option. I've seen everything from the previous set (if Worldwake was the first one, then Zendikar is the second one) all the way to Future Sight and Ravnica. If you know the way the packs look, you can pick them out.