Wednesday, March 24, 2010

U.S. Nationals…in Minnesota!

Steve Port of Legion Events just announced Minneapolis would be host to this years Nationals! Huzzah!
Normally, I wouldn't get too excited about a particular tournament, not being a tourney player myself. But last year I attended the Minneapolis Grand Prix and it was a serious hoot.

Card vendors stacked like cordwood. Official WOC representative Ken Nagle awash in sweating, heaving nerd bodies. Infamous artist RK Post. Also-infamous artist Franz Vohwinkel and his helicopter-piloting assistant. People seriously playing magic in every corner.

Steve Port is quite possibly the nicest T.O. I've ever met…and definitely one of the more hardworking. The organization that must have gone into wrangling so many people…like herding goldfish…or cats.

So much Magic playing, so many things to see. I can only imagine a Nationals tournament being an even bigger show. So mark your calendars for August 21st. And you better be bringing some EDH decks.

Because after you're done losing in the Main Event, you can come over to the side events and lose some more! At the Grand Prix I never even found the official EDH side event, I ended up in so many informal games along the way.

I found my place, kicked back and enjoyed the reliable slow-roll of the world's greatest format.

Look at these sharks:

Tom Gustafson (of awesome MTGCast) is yawning because I'm making it so easy. I flail, and then I fail. I think it had something to do with his infernal Bane of the Living/Oversold Cemetery lock.

Anyway, tomorrow when things calm down a little I'll post what I meant to post today. What was I writing about? A very timely topic…Walls! Who doesn't love Walls?

So see you tomorrow

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