Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Non-Random Card of the Week: Bog Wraith

Today's card has staying power to say the least. Everybody's favorite "Necrospettro," the everlasting Bog Wraith, has been in every Magic: The Gathering Core Set since the very beginning. He was even on the front cover of the original rule book.

Shivan Dragons, Royal Assassins and Howling Mines come and go, but Bog Wraith is always there.

He's never been what you would call a "competition" card, yet you will not find a sneakier "bomb" for limited games. Still can't be terrored (or in today's parlance Doom Bladed) and has a very relevant ability if your opponent should be playing swamps.

I was proud to be present at the M10 prerelease, and could not have been happier to find this veteran swampwalker among my sealed packs. 

Constrained to the contents of the M10 set, your opponent has exactly 3 methods of removal: Lightning Bolt, Earthquake or Celestial Purge. And if he wasted one of these cards on a Bog Wraith, huzzah even more!

The Portal version of lovable Bog Wraith reveals an interesting design decision.

Instead of "blocking" an opponent's creature in Portal, you "intercepted" it. Why intercepting something is easier than blocking I have no idea. Now that would have been a prerelease!


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