Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Quick Look at the New White Weenie

Folks have turned White Knights sideways since the beginning of Magic. Facing a wall of impenetrable first strikers was actually my first clue that…hey…I had a thing or two to learn about deck building. And I still do…sigh.

Anyway, White Knight made an appearance back in February at the San Diego Pro Tour. If you've been reading your DailyMTG, you've probably already seen it. But here is Craig Wescoe explaining the function of his deck.

Wescoe made it to the Semi-finals with pure white mana on his side, and won himself $13,000.

Looking through the deck, I am overjoyed I never had to face off against a traditional white weenie with equipment like Basilisk Collar. Enlightened Tutor would have been overjoyed. More ways to stop my ever-increasingly-pitiful Juggernauts.

Some interesting technology on Wizards' side…they have updated their deck list application so that you can actually "play out" a couple of hands of any deck they've presented.

Go ahead and deal out a few 7-card selections of Wescoe's deck here.

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